Development Education

       Development Education, a curriculum that the Executive Committee of the Faculty of Education, Chulalongkorn University, initiated in 1984, has been continuously developed until on October 28, 1992 and received approval from the Office of University Affairs to start the curriculum of Doctor of Education Program in Development Education initially in the second semester of the academic year 1992. It aimed to produce creative academics into a new type of educators called, “Development Educators” with a leadership role in developing education for the proper development of the country, and the potential to develop the country systematically and creatively, together with a wide and deep worldview in the dimensions of being a thinker, a researcher and academic fulfilment with the ability to integrate various sciences together in order to create development for themselves, communities, society, the nation, and the international level.

       Each year, the Development Education program has students of various ages, backgrounds, and careers who have brought their own knowledge and expertise to share and exchange with each other. Students have the opportunity to proudly display their roles as citizens who contribute to the national development with the important tool “education”.

       In the western world, development education is about creating awareness and understanding among people, especially children and youth, about development both in the work of concept processes and consequences for sharing responsibilities and rights as members of the world where everything affects one another and interdependence, and for creating behaviors and sustainability amidst continuous changes. For developing countries also, development education is also a search for ways in which learning, education, and knowledge are not such a type that will help people escape from conditions of disadvantage, inequality, and discrimination and how social exclusion can be liberated and create change in society.

       For graduate study in Development Education program, this is therefore uniquely meaningful both to students and to society as a whole, with an interdisciplinary curriculum that relies on knowledge and understanding from various fields consisting of knowledge on development and education and also opportunities for field work and research are combined with the wide-ranging experiences of teaching staff and students, including soldiers, athletes, nurses, businessmen, pharmacists, high-ranking officials from government and private agencies, academics, educators, diplomats, etc.

       Development educators must have the skills to integrate these three areas of knowledge, which have different focuses, to promote awareness and understanding of interdependence amid inequality in the world we live undergoing a process of learning, arguing, doing and reflecting on things that challenge the sense of living together. Therefore, development education work is diverse in terms of formats, concepts, processes, and goals of development, from the Thai wisdom level to the international level.

       Therefore, development education work is diverse in terms of formats, concepts, processes, and goals of development, from the Thai wisdom level to the international level.
Analyzing all three aspects of knowledge together is a creation to achieve balanced national development.


       Emphasizing the integration of knowledge in an interdisciplinary aspect in order to apply education and learning to the development process.


       A curriculum emphasizes education for development of the integration in consistence with the context of changes occurring in the Thai community and the world society emphasizing the use of limited resources for maximum benefits without affecting the public by using interdisciplinarity as the main focus.


1. To produce and develop a workforce in the field of development education qualified as thinkers, researchers, developers, and educational academics.

2. For the use and the application of knowledge in development education to produce research work for sustainable national development.

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